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How do I ... tips and tricks to use the iPad

On this page we will add over time more instructional videos and text instruction on how to solve common technical issues that are raised by callers to our volunteers.

iPad 10.2” Set Up Guide | iPad 7th gen Set Up Manual
How To Text Your Grandchildren on Your iPad
2019 iPad for Seniors
How To Connect iPad to Apple TV (in 4 easy steps)
iPad Tips for Seniors

1) Today View (widgets)

2) Extra Finder Touch ID

3) Customize Control Centre

4) Arrange Icons

5) FaceTime

10 iPad Tips You Should Know

Safari with tabs
Scrolling tips
Cool tips to get iPad settings open using Siri
Get iPad to speak what is on the screen
Move apps around screen

iPad User Guide - The Basics (Updated)

This video is a excellent place to start to understand the iPad
Covers these items
– login
-screen orientation
-closing app by swipe or pinching methods
-delete apps
-find apps on iPad

iPad accessibility – how to use Voice over features
Enable Voice over that speaks what’s on the screen – settings – general and then click accessibility – scroll to voice over volume settings text size and assisted touch for assisted accessories to help people with their disability Voice over training video for iPad
How To Install Zoom On An iPad

Simple to follow instructions video

Smartphone & iPad Security Settings - Senior Care Corner Family Caregiver Video Tips

Smartphones & iPads can be too easy to leave where others can take them, particularly in the nursing home & assisted living settings where many senior family members live, and steal the owner’s identity & money. A few simple steps, demonstrated here on the iPad & iPhone, can block access to data on the devices and even get them back into the hands of their owners.

All time is donated by volunteers.



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Our lines are normal landlines that do not incur any unusual rates. Most peoples mobile phone package includes calls to landlines, but please do check with your provider if you are unsure. Callers can also leave us a voicemail by pressing 1 immediately after the call has been answered, or alternatively press 2 to request a (free) callback